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WP10 Outputs

The following outputs have been created in this WP:

Valorisation concept


A valorisation strategy was established in the first project phase and has been fine-tuned in regard to products and services, value proposition and networking. It is the basis for a common approach to exploitation of the VITA products in the framework of the REVEAL network organisation.

VITA seeks to substantiate the network of learning providers in different educational domains and different kinds of national and EU-funding schemes and other relevant stakeholders. This shall be achieved through the dissemination activities described in WP 9, namely conferences and campaigning for participants who will be offered to become members of the community.

On basis of the valorisation strategy, the vision and mission of the network was further substantiated and six different service areas were developed to create a common ground for the joint validation, training and counselling activities.

Based on these services (to be provided by the REVEAL members) certain products (esp.” LEVEL5-learning suites” were drafted for different formal and informal educational domains. The VITA-learning suite has already been developed to a large extend and consists of the four chapters of the VITA manual plus experience reports and so called informal learning patterns that facilitate competence based learning in informal contexts.
There will be different network memberships (members, affiliates and clients) that aim at attracting a large audience in order to offer the services and products to many stakeholders in the LLP.

The strategy on organisation development of the network was drafted, containing a proposal on how to organise a network from a bottom-up approach, how to propose a value for the different products and services developed by the project. The paper contains a draft of a business plan and an IPR concept.

Cooperative learning and interactive communication instruments were installed as planned, e.g. the vita-e-portfolio, the VITA LEVEL5 software (Version 2, which will be substituted by V 3.0 in March/April 2013 and  the online conference rooms.