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Education and Culture DG This project (519132-LLP-1-2011-1-DE-KA3-KA3MP) has been funded with support from the European Commission. This communication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

Certification and Accreditation

VITA offers the validation of informal learning activities on different quality levels (self-assessment, qualified assessors, external REVEAL certification):

  1. A label for good didactic practice is given to organisations using the VITA system to validate SPOC along the VITA approach (labelling of organisations).
  2. On the basis of a fixed evaluation procedure (and based on a specified assessors’ course) an external accreditation system was established that enables REVEAL affiliate associations to evidence their learners’ development of social personal and organisational competences with LEVEL5. (Quality label on certificates 2).

This WP has interfaces to WP3 (through the my-vita.eu – e-portfolio with a EUROPASS plug-in) and to WP10 (valorisation) that deals with the sustainable networking and value proposition of the approach and the establishment of a sound exploitation approach.

By the end of the project more than 100 learners’ certificates have been issued by the project partners in the four educational sectors.
In September an additional request came up in the framework of the Swiss learning festival in which a simplified and informal “learning ticket” had to be established. Due to the informal setting of a learning game, the layout and the wording of the LEVEL5 learning proofs had to be changed.
This underpins that in general the outputs of the certifying process have to be extremely flexible and adaptable: In rather formalised environments (HE, VET) the learners and providers expect “certificates”, whereas in rather informal settings other titles like “learning ticket” are preferred.
Therefore, an open office editing tool was integrated in LEVEL5 that enables each evaluator to customise his/her own certificates and/or learning proofs (Interface to software development WP3).

Accreditation of the institutes that offer the competence validation with LEVEL5 is the counterpart to the learners’ certificates.
It provides on the one hand authentication (that the learning provider is entitled to deliver the LEVEL5 certificate for the specific learning offer) and also credibility to the learning providers and their competence oriented, holistic learning approaches.
Members of the REVEAL group (as competent body) issue these accreditations and certificates along a fixed “accreditation procedure”.

Accreditation is offered on different quality levels
Medium level: Validation in the framework of a self-assessment process if the learning provider carries out the validation independently.
High level: Validation in collaboration with qualified and experienced REVEAL experts that countercheck the results on basis of the quality criteria.

In VITA eight high level and two medium level accreditation certificates were issued to ten learning providers.

LEVEL5 Assessors will have to participate in a LEVEL5 course and come forward with a proof of consistent certificates in order to secure the quality and the validity of the approach.