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The following (interim) results are available for download

VITA Manual Chapter 1

VITA Manual Chapter 2

VITA Manual Chapter 3

VITA Manual Chapter 4

WP2 Validation systems for service related learning outcomes

Parallel and based on the needs analysis (WP01) the relevant competences were identified and clustered into social, personal and organisational competences to match with the EUROPASS classification. For each competence general and transferable reference systems were established to facilitate their evaluation of informal learning in different educational contexts. The reference systems are available in the general versions in the “VITA manual”.
The “VITA manual for validating service related competences”, as a comprehensive output of these activities contains:

  • an introduction of the conclusions from the general approach (chapter 1, 9 pages)),
  • the description and procedure, the learning project description (chapter 2, 24 pages),
  • a description how to integrate the validation in the informal learning activity with one exemplary case (chapter 3, 8 pages)
  • the list of inventory of 19 social, personal and organisational competences and related pre-formatted reference systems for each of them (chapter 4, 82 pages).

In the pilots carried out in year 2 these those reference systems were contextualised in different learning settings.

More than 100 learners were assessed and their competence developments were validated in all educational sectors.

Their data were gathered both on paper forms and in the further developed LEVEL5 software (WP3) that facilitates the automatic generation of certificates based on the LEVEL5 system.