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Project Team

Hanife Akar
Ali Yildirim

METU - Middle East Technical University, Ankara

The mission of the METU is to reach, produce, apply and promote knowledge, and to educate individuals with that knowledge for the social, cultural, economic, scientific and technological development of our society and humanity. This is to be done by bringing teaching, research and social services up to universal standards. The basic principles are; Scientific Approach; Academic Freedom; 3. Interdisciplinary Approach; Lifelong Education; The Training of Qualified People; Student Support; Communication with Society.The major aim of the Faculty is to train teachers and educators qualified to teach at every educational level. The theoretical as well as applied courses that the Faculty offers enable prospective teachers to become professionals who are constantly in touch with recent scientific and technological developments and who have the willingness and capacity to apply these developments to their own teaching activities. The programs of study and the instructional philosophy reflect the need to develop the full range of students’ competencies, interests, and needs within a flexible, humanistic, democratic and participatory academic environment.