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Project Team

Ruth Jermann

SVEB, Zurcich, Switzerland

The Swiss Federation of Adult Learning (SVEB) has a huge network: Around 570 member entities that are private and state providers of adult education, associations, regional officials in charge of adult education, in-company adult learning departments and human resources staff of SMEs as well as individuals involved in adult learning. SVEB collaborates with various institutions that are involved in VET, managers of human resources departments in SMEs as well as organizations in the field of vocational training that can function as multipliers for the promotion of the VITA system. Besides that SVEB is politically active and has diverse contacts to responsible persons in policy and other umbrella organizations in the business field like trade or industry. These comprehensive contacts and partnerships are very helpful and adequate for disseminating and promoting the VITA system all over Switzerland. For the dissemination of PRO-LAW results all over Europe, SVEB can profit of its place in the board of EAEA (European Association for the Education of Adults) and its international network with UNESCO, OECD and various adult learning providers all over Europe.